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It's No Longer Just About Reducing Ammonia Costs

No farmer wants to cause toxic algae blooms on the Great Lakes or dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico, unfortunately excess nitrogen and phosphorous from fertilizers are ending up in these places contributing to both problems. Federal regulation may be just around the corner while current farm publications are now advocating a voluntary program to reduce nitrogen and phosphorous going down river. Split applications with some ammonia as pre-plant and the rest as side dress are one good way to reduce nitrogen runoff.  Efficient use of anhydrous by equal row distribution can eliminate rows with excess nitrogen. 

Nitrogen is the second most expensive corn input, after seed, so using it as efficiently as possible only makes sense, for your bottom line and for the downstream environment. All of aNH3’s products are designed to improve the accuracy, speed and reliability of ammonia application.

8 or 80 rows, you’ll get equal distribution with an aNH3 system because the flow meter sees only liquid due to the patented Liquimatic tower separator being much more effective than a heat exchanger. Additionally our Equarow intelligent monitoring system enhances the accuracy of the system by giving you real time visual tracking of the flow to each row.

Using an aNH3 system you can apply three times as much ammonia (per minute) compared to using a heat exchanger system. Speed of application is especially important in the narrow application window of cold weather. With our new RowBot (available 2015) variable orifice distribution system you will no longer have to spend the time and frustration manually changing out orifices due to product or temperature changes.

The aHN3 Liquimatic separator tower is not only more efficient and faster than a heat exchanger, but more reliable as well. Add in the Equarow monitoring system which looks at the operation of the application system and informs the operator if trouble arises. Using this tool, the operator avoids time lost searching for the cause of a problem.

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