The aNH3 RowBot Variable Rate Manifold is a truly a revolutionary idea. For years we at aNH3 Company have been asked, “How can I vary my rate without changing orifices every time?”. Well, we finally found the answer for our customers.

  The advantages of the RowBot is far greater than we ever imaged they could be. Our engineers wanted to offer a system that could deliver anywhere from 30-300lbs of actual N, at Speeds from 5 -10+ MPH with the coldest of tank temperatures, without the use of a boost pump and taking the fixed orifice out of the equation and still maintain 99% row to row accuracy or better.


  The concept behind this revolutionary design was to meter liquid NH3 right at its point of delivery, thus taking the “central control valve” out of the picture. Most current anhydrous delivery system on the market today uses a central control valve. These central control valves are designed limit the
rate of flow to achieve desired target rate. Unfortunately there is a very large problem involved with this: Depending on the flow rates and temperatures of the application, a central control valve can be disastrous. The reason being behind this proven fact is, that any time anhydrous ammonia reaches a
pressure drop or restriction, it causes the liquid NH3 to boil, or allow gas to be created in the system. If you have ever seen “ice” accumulating on your current application system, this is why. The gaseous form of NH3 takes up nearly 800 times the volume versus liquid. Which means anything beyond the central control valve in an anhydrous application is wild mixture of gas and liquid. For years “mixing manifolds” have been used to mix or “separate” this wild river of gas and liquid.

  Every company claiming their manifold is better than others, when in turn they are all doing about the same thing. We, at aNH3 Company, decided to take the central control valve out of the picture, thus allowing all liquid to the metering point. When there is no gas taking up all the room in your lines it allows the
operator to speed up tremendously without the use of a boost pump! The Variable Rate Manifold System can be retrofitted to work on several of todays current single flow meter application systems. Its as simple as removing your central control valve and your mixing manifolds. The aNH3 Manifold Systems are “daisy-chained” together allowing the operator to run as many manifolds as the current application requires, while still being in perfect synchronization with each other.