RowBot P-L-U-S

​  ​Just like the original RowBot manifolds the RowBot PLUS have the same outstanding performance but with a unique cooling feature allowing the RowBot PLUS to be self sufficient and at the same time eliminate all vapor lines. Using a metered variable cooling technique the RowBot PLUS do not require cooling vapor lines, therefore 0% of product goes to waste. This unique self cooling feature and integrated flow meter puts this product in a category well above all other application systems. 

​  Using certain rate controllers the RowBot PLUS has the capability to vary the rate across the whole bar section by section. This allows for precise application control on circular and irregularly shaped fields, fields with complicated prescriptions or, fields that get a flat rate. The RowBot PLUS are designed with six full rate ports plus one 1/2 rate port. Not all the ports have to be used for equal distribution, you can utilize 1 to 6 ports, lets say you have a 16 row bar you would use 3 manifolds one with all 6 rows and two with just 5 rows being used, or you could have 4 manifolds running 4 rows each. When using the 1/2 rate port you would use the 1/2 rate port with one full rate port on one row to ensure you get a full rate and a half for that row.

*  Maximum cooling achieved with 1/2" EVA tubing.

With 50psi nurse tank pressure the RowBot PLUS can achieve rates from 50lbs actual N at 5mph to 200+lbs actual N at 10+mph without a boost pump!