Gauge Tree​​s are hard to beat for reliability, tried and true they are the most economical way to monitor row by row application. aNH3 offers gauge trees in 12,16,18, and 24 row sets with standard connections for 1/4" EVA tubing.  

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RowBot P-L-U-S


  RowBots will simplify the precision application of liquid fertilizers. While designed for ammonia, these manifolds are also suitable for precision placement of other liquids. They are easily synchronized for multiple manifold systems using swath control and one flow meter. Protected by US Patent 8,622,253 RowBots provide unparalleled flexibility including an almost unlimited number of rows and optional section shutoffs for applicators.

​Gauge Tree

  The  RowBot PLUS​are self cooling variable rate manifolds with an integrated flow meter. They can run as a single manifold or with as many manifolds as your rate controller will allow.  

    No heat exchanger, vapor separation, or pump system needed! ​A filter and safety hardware such as back-checks and breakaways from the nurse tank are all that is needed. The coolers simply daisy-chain from one to another from a central point without the need for flow dividers or liquid / gas splitters. 

  EquaRow, intelligent monitoring, aNH3 has added the ability to not only monitor the row by row application process from the cab, but also to let you know when  something is not quite right with the ammonia application system, minimizing time lost searching for the cause of a problem. 

​​​  SuperCool​ systems are designed to provide maximum efficiency with minimal waste. Standard NH3 systems can produce up to 200 gallons per hour of wasted ammonia through the vapor lines alone. The aNH3 SuperCool systems can be as much as ten times more efficient, that's ten times less waste or, to look at it in a new light, up to 180 gallons saved every hour that can be applied as fertilizer.

​  SuperCool systems are offered in both pump and non-pump models and two flow capacities : 40gpm and 74gpm